1,000 Agoa District Girls Prepare for Training

By Grace Matsiko, New Vision (Kampala), 28 June 2002

The estimated 1000 girls, selected from the 56 districts of Uganda to work in a factory producing textiles for export under the African Growth and Opportunity Act, (AGOA) are to receive 50 days training.

The senior presidential adviser on AGOA and trade, Onegi-Obel, said this week, the selection exercise for the girls was over but they were to assemble in Kampala as soon as their accommodation was sorted out.

They will receive the initial training on how to handle the machines for a maximum of 50 days, he added.

In February, President Yoweri Museveni announced over 1000 jobs for girls who were to work in the textile factory owned by Sri Lankan Group, Tri Star Apparel Exports limited.