The retrospective history of the Republic of Kenya

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How Britain crushed the ‘Mau Mau rebellion’
Channel Four TV's Secret History—Mau Mau. By Barbara Slaughter, 15 September 1999. Origins and history of so-called Mau Mau rebellion 1952–1959.
Review of Mau Mau from below by Greet Kershaw (Athens: Ohio University Press, 1997. Pp. 354)
By E. S. Atieno Odhiambo, Rice University Department of History, n.d. The historiography of Mau Mau, Kenya's anti-colonial revolt of the 1950s has been totally revised during the last decade toward the event itself as it happened on the ground. This greatly influenced by the long-unpublished thesis by Greet Kershaw, and so its publication at long last is most welcome, particularly for what it says about Mau Mau as experienced in two villages in southern Kiambu District.
Historian, Kenya native's book on Mau Mau revolt
A review of Wunyabari O. Maloba, Mau Mau and Kenya, An Analysis of a Peasant Revolt (Indiana University Press) by Beth Thomas, UpDate, 2 December 1993. The first African voice to publish a significant work on Kenya and the Mau Mau movement of the 1950s. The background of the movement, the frustrations of African nationalism and the role of Jomo Kenyatta, once thought to be the grand old man of Kenyan nationalism.
The Early Days Of The Mau Mau Insurrection
A brief talk by Eric W. Brown, 1988. The Mau Mau Insurrection is interesting for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it serves as an excellent example of mass hysteria. It seems that the Mau Mau were originally invented by the European settlers, but there can be no denying the fact that real Mau Mau appeared on the scene shortly thereafter and quickly became a tangible army and active fighting force.
Kenya: A Chronology of Key events
BBC Timeline, 12 June 2001. A brief illustrated annual timeline from a British perspective.