The contemporary political history of the Republic of Kenya, 1995–1997

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Kenya National Patriotic Front
Headlines sent by Joseph Munyaneza, 18 February 1995, concerning the February Eighteen Movement (FEM) and Kenya National Patriotic Front (KNPF), Moi's accusations of foreign interference, the laws against sedition, and electronic media licensing.
Who is Backing Kenya's ‘Guerrillas’?
By Charles Wachira, 27 March 1995. The February 18 Revolutionary Army (FERA), led, according to Nairobi, by Brigadier John Odongo.
Imperialism complicates Kenya's future
By William Pomeroy, People's Weekly World, 2 September 1995. Impact of structural adjustment on the Moi government.
Proposed Legal Reforms—A Start Towards Human Rights Protection?
Amnesty International, 2 June 1997. How significant is President Moi's amendment of the repressive Public Order Act?
Amnesty International gives reforms cautious welcome
Amnesty International news release, 12 September 1997. The combined forces of ruling party and opposition parliamentarians in Kenya agree upon legal reforms, but its a long way from implementation. Many issues remain outstanding. Concern for human rights in face of coming elections.
General strikes called in Kenya
The Militant, 22 September 1997. The National Convention Executive Council, a coalition of religious leaders, unionists, and student activists in Kenya, issued a call for nation-wide strikes demanding that President Daniel arap Moi repeal laws restricting democratic rights such as freedom of assembly and expression.
Government's commitment to human rights reform doubtful as violence is used to break up pro-democracy rally
Amnesty International news release, 10 October 1997. Despite government promises, opposition rally broken up and leaders arrested, as reform is debated in parliament.
News on organizing around the MAI in Africa
By Jagjit Kaur Plahe, Eco News Africa, 15 December 1997. Concerning the struggle in Kenya against MAI.