The contemporary political history of the Republic of Kenya, 1998–1999

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Political Neutrality Flew Out the Window
By Philip Ngunjiri, IPS, 12 January 1998. In last month's general elections, a bold, but not so sophisticated, propaganda machine of the ruling party, and opposition groups' attempts to sell their own messages through alternative media.
Women's Ministry Scrapped
By Judith Achieng', IPS, 27 February 1998. Hardly a fortnight after it was formed, the Kenyan government has scrapped the Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs, leaving women activists convinced that they lost political muscle during the last general elections.
Industrial Property Rights Bill Runs into Trouble
By Judith Achieng', 28 May 1999. The bill, which has been drafted to conform with the requirements of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), if passed into law will be controlled by powerful multinational corporations.
A New Bill To Enhance WTO Agreement Under Fire
By Judith Achieng', 29 July 1999. NGOs oppose WTO support that would damage Kenya's agricultural sector.