The colonization of Kenya by the IMF

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IMF under fire
New Kenya Network, 9 March, 1995. The Network criticizes the IMF for its subsidizing corrupt and dictatorial Moi government. The IMF austerity measures have brought nothing but misery and deprivation for the majority of the Kenyan people. The only people who have benefited from privatisation of parastatals are the same corrupt officials and senior politicians who ran them into the ground in the first place and those serving the interests of transnationals.
New Pressure Group Opposes IMF Plan To Resume Aid
By Judith Achieng', IPS, 6 January 2000. Kenyan opposition groups' campaign against the resumption of aid by the IMF. IMF team is expected in Kenya by Jan 24 to resume negotiations which will lead to the eventual resumption of aid suspended three years ago. The group does not believe the government has met all the conditions set by the IMF to warrant resumption of aid.
Not a Good Time for Donors to Play Go
The Nation (Nairobi), Editorial, 14 January 2001. For the first time in a long time, the Government can justifiably say its problems are not its fault. IMF will visit tomorrow to find out how far the government has implemented its conditions to qualify for the tranche of loans expected in March. The IMF has a standard set of prescriptions for countries such as ours: privatization, economic liberalisation, cripple the public sector.
Kenya Feared Not Eligible Yet for Debt Relief
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 27 March 2001. Kenya unlikely to qualify for debt relief under the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) initiative unless it yields to IMF and World Bank demands. Experts believe that as long as Kenya spends about 40 per cent of its resources in servicing debt, it will be at the expense of health, education, and poverty will continue to crush the bulk of the citizenry.
Welcome to Kenya, IMF's Little Colony
By Mutuma Mathiu, The Nation (Nairobi), Editorial, 20 May 2001. We have surrendered our sovereignty to a faceless cabal of foreign bureaucrats. For example, draft graft laws were submitted for approval to the IMF before the cabinet and Parliament had a chance to see them. An uncritical and total dependence on the IMF for money and ideas on how to run our country.