The environmental history of the Republic of Kenya

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Kenya's Forests Carved Up
Environment News Service, 9 July 1998. Tourist demand for carvings is deplating forest in Kenya.
Kenya warns of new ivory offensive against elephants
Reuters, 9 March 2000. Africa's elephants are again under attack and poaching will soar unless the world agrees to reimpose a total ban on the ivory trade.
The Treasure Buried In Nairobi's Dumps
By Parselelo Kantai, The East African (Nairobi), 18 December 2000. The Nairobi's history and its town dump. Scavage operations based on child labor. The potential for resource recovery.
Kenya's Forest Plan Rouses More Opposition
Environment News Service (ENS), 19 March 2001. Opposition is growing to the Kenyan government's plan to clear more than 67,000 hectares of forest to resettle landless people. The Kenyan government says most of the land is already settled and now needs to be formally managed. Wangari Maathai's Green Belt movement has collected signatures on a petition opposing the plan.
At This Rate, We Shall Import Water By 2010
By Ken Opala, The Nation (Nairobi), 21 May 2001. The provision of clean water tops the list of failed government undertakings. Kenya faces water shortage of cataclysmic proportions and could turn into a desert by 2020. Prevention is better than cure.