The History of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions in Kenya (COTU)

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Unions try to end Kenyan bank strike
From World Socialist Website, 23 August 1998.The Kenya Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) steps in to end a two-week-long strike by 1,200 bank workers when their union, the UCFAW, called them to return to work.
Unions To Pick New Cotu Boss
The Daily Nation, 8 March 2001. Registrar-general Omondi MbagoThe Central Organisation of Trade Unions to hold its polls by September 30 and also all registered trade unions to hold elections by April 30 and June 30. A bitter contest because COTU secretary-general J.J. Mugalla—who has been at the helm since January, 1987—will be stepping down.
Pick Committed Unionists
The Nation (Nairobi), 10 July 2001. It is timely to question the ability of people habitually elected to Central Organisation of Trade Unions offices to represent the interests of their members. Union poll aspirants are now very active: their sole objective is to be elected. Thereafter, they are likely to lie low for the next five years, waiting for the next round of elections. As a result, many of the 32 unions will never be heard of again until 2006.
Cotu Elections Date is Fixed
By Mark Agutu, The Nation (Nairobi), 12 July 2001. New Central Organisation of Trade Unions officials will be elected in Eldoret on August 24 and 25. The Cotu executive board says that the organisation's Governing Council would also review the constitution.