The history of docker workers in Kenya

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Chaos At Dock Workers Elections
By Benson Abele, The Nation (Nairobi), 23 June 2001. The dockworkers elections went ahead yesterday amid mounting tension and accusations of ballot rigging, intimidation and harassment. We are happy to note that for the first time in the history of dock workers' elections there is no interference from the management or the Government, said one of the voters.
Kiliku Elected Dockers' Union Boss
By Edmund Kwena, The Nation (Nairobi), 24 June 2001. Kennedy Kiliku, the chairman of the Labour Party of Kenya (LPK), is the new secretary-general of the Dock Workers' Union. The Dock Workers Union is one of the strongest in the country, with about 4,000 members and many assets in Nairobi and Mombasa. Mr Khamis, who had been at the helm for 10 years, fell foul of the members over a new KPA pension scheme.
New Dockers' Union Boss Spells Out His Vision
The Nation (Nairobi), 13 July 2001. Kiliku says the Kenya Ports Authority's pension scheme is illegal. The leadership would rule out confrontational politics; Our union and KPA should be seen as partners in development. The 700 casual labourers who have worked at the port for seven years have not been absorbed into the KPA workforce despite having undergone all the necessary procedures. Kiliku said it would be ill-conceived to privatise KPA.