The history of the Masai of Kenya

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Residents Feast On Maasai Cows For Grazing On Their Crops
By Tervil Okoko, PANA, 2 August 2000. A group of Maasai pastoralists who had invaded a private farm in the suburbs of Nairobi got a rude shock when a group of residents set upon their animals to make a feast in retaliation. The herdsmen watched in disbelief. The farm owner, Jospeh Peria, complained to have lost all his maize and banana crops which were both nearing maturity.
Maasai Herders Move to City As Dry Spell Rages
Panafrican News Agency, 9 September 2000. Kenya's Maasai herdsmen, facing severe drought, have driven their cattle to Nairobi in search of grazing land and have temporarily settled in the Nairobi suburbs of Embakasi, Kasarani and Karen. The mass migration has resulted in skirmishes between the herdsmen and farmers.
Ntimama in New Push for Maasai Land Rights
By Kipkoech Tanui, The Nation (Nairobi), 2 October 2000. Maasai leaders insist upon the return of community lands in the Rift Valley covering Naivasha, Molo, Nakuru, Mau Narok, Kedong, Kitet and Ndabibi taken by the British during the colonial era. Speculation that the move could lead to bloody clashes such as were witnessed in 1991 and 1992.