The history of the Pokot of Kenya

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MP Warns Over Land in Pokot
The Nation (Nairobi), Sunday 25 March 2001. The Pokot community could use force to reclaim their land in Turkana and Trans Nzoia districts. Pokot land stretched 41 kilometres inside Turkana in the Kalim'ngorok area and neighbours may face war.
Pokot Fear K'jongs
By David Ochami, New Vision (Kampala), 22 May 2001. The Kenyan Pokot have asked the Government in Nairobi to deploy its army on the border with Uganda to protect them from Uganda's Karimajong warriors.
Red Cross Lauds Pokot, Marakwet Cooperation
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 25 May 2001. The Pokot and Marakwet communities, traditional adversaries who have frequently fought each other in times of stress, have worked together and with the ICRC to build a new gravity-fed water supply system for the residents of Kapsait, in the highlands on the border between West Pokot and Marakwet districts.