The contempoary history of the United Republic of Tanzania, 2001

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Isn't It Time Tanzania Rethought Its Union?
An Opinion in The Nation, 4 February 2001. As waves of unprecedented political upheavals engulf the once tranquil isles of Zanzibar and Pemba, more and more people are beginning to ask: Is Tanzania's hallowed Unity constitution absolutely inviolate? Isn't it time, maybe, for a rethink?
Statemen from Gender Groups
From gender groups, to chief executives of the World Bank/IMF at their meeting in Dar es Salaam, 21 February 2001. The Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) and other gender groups regarding the visit by the IMF and World Bank heads to Tanzania. These drivers of the world's macro-economic policies have yet to demonstrate that they are following a very new or different approach to development.
BBC Country Profile, 6 March 2001. A brief summary of political facts, with an outline map.
Tanzania opposition demands change
By Wambui Chege, DAWN, 10 April 2001. A historic march by Tanzanian opposition parties demanding sweeping constitutional reforms has sent a strong message of discontent to the government that will only get louder.