The history of women and gender in Tanzania

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Quota System Offers Hope For Girls
By Assumpta Massoi, IPS, 6 December 1999. A new Dar es Salaam university program encourages girls to continue with their education. The aim is to bring about gender balance in the enrollment of students on the campus. The program is, however, proving to be unpopular among some Tanzanian men.
Tanzanian Women In Dire Straits After Marriage
By Nicodemus Odhiambo, Panafrican News Agency, 20 January 2000. Wife beating in Tanzania is increasing every year. Men have literally chopped off their spouse's private parts with machetes because of jealousy. More battered women openly report cases of abuse. Husbands believe they possess a God-given right to punish their wives whenever they transgress against them.
Tanzania: Over 60 Percent of Women Circumcised
TOMRIC Agency, 8 May 2000. The Inter-African Committee on Harmful Traditional Practice Program aims to create awareness among the people on the side effect of FGM. FGM is common in other areas of the country although condemned these days. More than 1.5 million Tanzanian women are already circumcised, and the practice is said to be on increase.
Female Circumcision Goes Underground In Tanzania
PANA, 12 August 2000. The eradication of female genital mutilation is facing new barriers in Tanzania as communities carrying out the practice go underground for fear of prosecution. The Sexual Offenses Act 1998 makes it an offense to carry on the practice on females below 18 years. The practice is escalating despite of concerted efforts to curb it.