The contemporary political history of the Spice Islands (Zanzibar and Pemba)

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Be a Sultan of Democracy
The East African, (Nairobi), 31 January 2000. President of Zanzibar, Dr Salmin Amour, pardoned the fomer Sultan of Zanzibar, Jamshid Abdallah, who presided over a racist oligarchy that consigned black Zanzibaris to the bottom rungs of society. The revolution that overthrew him therefore also restored the human dignity of black Zanzibaris.
Will The Zanzibaris Ponder Their Ancestor?
TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 8 May 2000. Several members of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party in Zanzibar will vie for the presidential post, and among them is the son of the founding President of Zanzibar, Abeid Aman Karume, who was the co-architect of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar with the late Julius Kambarage Nyerere.
Woman takes up the challenge for presidential candidacy in Zanzibar
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (Harare), 22 June 2000. Amina Salum Ali, the Zanzibar minister for finance, plans to stand for presidency in the October 2000 election. SADC legislatures are models in gender equity. In terms of the proportion of women in parliament, the region tops the global figures.
Conciliatory Karume Sworn in As Zanzibari President
By Nicodemus Odhiambo, Panafrican News Agency, 8 November 2000. Amani Abeid Karume, the son of the founding president of Zanzibar, was sworn in as Head of State, following a controversial multiparty election that had to be rerun on parts of the semi-autonomous island.
Zanzibar—For ‘Robinson Crusoes’ Only
By Carol McDaid, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg), 10 November 2000. Tourism is still at the polite stage. Developers are only just beginning to flout the law that says you can't build higher than the surrounding palm trees. Go now, while the beaches are postcard-perfect: white sand, green sea, the triangular sail of a lone dhow.
Tanzanian Crackdown Condemned
UN Integrated Regional Information Network (Nairobi), 2 February 2001. The excessive use of force by the police during opposition-led demonstrations protesting against the results of last October's election. It was said that the Tanzanian government seeks to silence the political opposition through terror and violence.
Analysts Say New Splinter Party Lacks Credibility
By Alpha Nuhu, Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 28 March 2001. The envisaged formation of a new breakaway National Alliance Party (NAP) of former disgruntled members of the opposition Civic United Front (CUF). They are people largely from the Mainland who lack the strength to weaken CUF's hold on power in the islands.
UNDP Appeals for Assistance to Isles
TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 20 July 2001. The UNDP has urged donor countries and international financial institutions to support Zanzibar in poverty reduction saying the Isles government has shown serious commitment to improve the lives of its people.
Opposition March Peacefully in Zanzibar
TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 23 July 2001. Thousands of Civic United Front (CUF) supporters demand a deadline to the peace talks between the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and CUF, which were sparked by the January 27 killing of more than 20 CUF demonstrators in a rally which was banned by the then government.