The social history of the Spice Isles (Zanzibar and Pemba)

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Tourists Influx Sparks HIV/AIDS In Zanzibar
TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 5 April 2000. Increase of the deadly diseases is at alarming rate. Unguja Urban and West districts are mostly affected due to the increase of visitors from the Tanzania Mainland and neighboring nations seeking jobs and practicing commercial sex.
Population Growth Alarming In Zanzibar
TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 12 July 2000. Vice President Dr. Omari Juma admitted yesterday that the poverty would continue to prevail in Tanzania because of lack of basic needs for the increased population.
Broken Marriages, Homosexuals Rate At Increase in Zanzibar
Tomric Correspondent, TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), 27 June 2001. If left unchecked, the mal-practices will soon be the major causes behind the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Isles. The government intends to carry out research to establish the root cause behind the massive wave of broken marriages in the Zanzibar.
Child Labour Common in Zanzibar
UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 4 June 2002. Child labour is common in Zanzibar, with prostitution, fisheries and seaweed farming among the most hazardous sectors in which children are involved.