The contemporary political history of the Republic of Madagascar

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Let's get the ex-minister
The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Economic section, 4 Febrary 1995. Madagascar's former finance minister Jose Yvon Raserijaona, who resigned recently and is now managing director of the BFV bank, is coming in for increasingly targetted criticism over the trade contracts and sidesteppings that he authorized whilst minister.
Paradise's perfumed isles
By Jacqui Pile, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg), 18 February 2000. Nosy B is the largest of many islands off the west coast of Madagascar. A little piece of land which was forgotten when Madagascar was torn from Africa, it offers diverse and unique marine and forest life, not to mention fabulous beaches and all the R&R that goes with them.
Ratsiraka Moderates His Views Against IMF, World Bank
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 20 February 2001. Malagasy President Didier Ratsiraka, known for his criticism of the two Bretton Woods institutions, at the Africa-IMF/World Bank Bamako summit Tuesday showed some moderation in his language.
BBC Country Profile, 11 July 2001. BBC Country profile. A small collection of facts and an outline map.