The retrospective history of the Republic of Uganda

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Timeline: Uganda
BBC News Online, Tuesday 20 March 2001. A political timeline that begins in 1500 with the founding of Buganda, Bunroro and Ankole by Sudanese immigrants.
The Making of Idi Amin
By Pat Hutton and Jonathan Bloch, New African, February 2001. Based on new documentation, the authors say that the rise of Idi Amin was engineered by outside interests to stop President Milton Obote's nationalisation drive in which the state had taken 60% interest in all foreign and Ugandan-Asian-owned businesses.
Uganda's ‘Benevolent’ Dictatorship
By J. Oloka-Onyango, [30 August 1998]. Museveni's larger-than-life persona is Uganda's boon and its bane. Museveni extricated Uganda from the economic and political quagmire in which the country had become stuck by the mid-1980s, but to institutionalize mechanisms of governance distinct from the his personality.