The economic history of the Republic of Uganda

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Corruption in Uganda
UDC Newsletter, January 1995. Nine years of NRM have led to corruption and collapse of Uganda Commercial Bank, with resulting US take over and loss of Baganda land in Buganda.
Modernisation Too Modern for Uganda?
The Monitor (Kampala), editorial, 25 August 2000. It does not auger well for the country when the poor, sometimes starving, farmer sees the pot-bellies of facilitators at workshops growing bigger when he/she shrinks more into himself/herself with pangs of hunger.
Stand Up And Fight, You Slaves Of The Dollar
By Joachim Buwembo, The East African (Nairobi), opinion, 5 October 2000. Uganda's tiny economy is locked in a life and death struggle with the US dollar. Fuel alone has tried to keep up with the conspiracy to make the Ugandans' earnings lose their value.