The culture history of the Kingdom of Buganda

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‘Keep Norms’
New Vision (Kampala), 29 May 2001. Kabaka (King) Ronald Mutebi, appeals for the preservation of traditional culture (brief).
Prayer Drama At Kiseego's Burial
By Hassan Badru Zziwa, The Monitor (Kampala), 15 August 2000. Because he was atheist, SC Villa Chairman (Technical) Alex Kiseego Mugerwa requested there be no prayers at his burial. Instead of breaking entirely with tradition, mourners sang traditional songs instead.
Muslims Stopped
By Hillary Nsambu, New Vision (Kampala), 17 August 2001. The High Court yesterday stopped Muslims from constructing a mosque on Amasiro, Buganda's traditional burial grounds, at Mayangayanga, Mukono. The injunction was brought by Princess Naalinnya Ndagire.