The retrospective history of the Rwandese Republic (Rwanda)

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Tribunal on Hutus is Hypocrisy
By Simon Templer, 21 February 1996. Looks back at the days of Habyarimana. Argues that the Hutus at the time weren't doing any better a job for the masses in Rwanda than the current government in Kigali.
Rwandan Genocide: The French Disconnection
By Tom Heaton. France accused of having performed a facilitatory role in the genocide. From the beginning of the RPA invasion during October 1990, France airlifted arms, ammunition and communications equipment into Rwanda to keep the RPA at bay. France also had a close relations with the Hutu-dominated Rwandan government and, like the UN, must have enjoyed accurate information about the impending massacre four months before it happened.
Genocide in Rwanda?
From Greg Dunkel, L'Humanite's special report on the French involvement in Rwanda from 1991 to 1994, how they armed the government, even after massacres of Tutsis took place in 1992-1993, how they sent military advisors to the Habayarima government in 1993. Evidence that France was implicated in the massacres that took place.
Post-Mortem on the International Commission of Inquiry (Rwanda)
By Joost R. Hiltermann. In April 1994 the United Nations left the scene with its tail between its legs. For example, the complete and utter non-enforcement, and even unpunished violation, of its arms embargo imposed on Rwanda in May 1994. The importance of the trade in small arms.
Memo links Rwandan leader to killing
BBC News Online. A UN memo suggests Rwanda's interim president, Paul Kagame, may have ordered the 1994 assassination of former president Habyarimana. The Rwandan Government denies the allegations.
‘Explosive’ Leak on Rwanda Genocide
By Steven Edwards, The National Post. Tutsi informants tell UN investigators they were on squad that killed President Habyarimana, that they acted under the direction of Rwandan Patriotic Front military leader and now Vice-President, Paul Kagame, and were assisted by a foreign power. Evidence the U.S. supplied the SAM rockets used to bring down he president's plane.
Accusations over Rwanda plane crash
By Chris Simpson in Kigali, BBC News Online. The Rwandan Government denies that the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) shot down President Juvenal Habyarimana's plane in April 1994. The Canadian National Post said it had obtained a confidential United Nations report of testimony from RPF informants on their own involvement in the attack on the plane.

Turmoil in the months following the death of President Habyarimana

Churches urged to examine genocide
From the IPS. The extent to which the churches, especially the Catholic Church, because of their close association with President Habyarimana, responded feebly to the Tutsi slaughter and some church leaders may actually not only have withheld aid to Tutsis in need, but to have contributed to the pogrom launched in April 1994 by Hutu extremists in the government and army against the country's Tutsi population and moderate Hutus.
UN Failed to Halt 1994 Genocide in Rwanda
By Jim Wurst, IPS. An independent panel of inquiry has faulted the United Nations and member states for failing to prevent or halt the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Lack of resources and lack of will to stop or prevent the genocide. The UN peacekeeping mission, UNAMIR, had been established in October 1993 to help monitor a peace agreement reached that year between the government of Rwanda and the Tutsi-led Rwandese Patriotic Front, but was reduced when the slaughter began.
‘Special operations’ training of military forces in Rwanda
From The Washington Post. Part of the Washington Post's series on ‘special operations.’ The Post claims US military engagement began only in 1995. Hutu raids into Rwanda from bases inside Zaire. Kagame's dependence on Washington to continue his attack on the Hutu. Relevance of Kagame's alliance with Museveni and Ugandan rebels.