Message-ID: <1408193@isis.Reed.EDU> Date: 13 Jun 96 09:44:32 PDT
From: Chris.Lowe@directory.Reed.EDU (Chris Lowe)
Subject: Swazi public sector

Civil servants, teachers reject E91M package

Summary of Times of Swaziland article, 13 June, 1996

Talks between government, teachers and civil servants hit a deadlock yesterday when the latter two rejected a hefty 13.7% salary and allowances increment for reasons not yet known. This means today's planned strike will go ahead. Government offered 9.9% salary increase - above the current inflation rate of 7.7%. Also offered were housing allowances from 23% to 135%. Comment from the two unions was not available but both unions said they would hold meetings at the Trade Fair ground and Bosco Skills Centre in Manzini. The Acting PM, Nxumalo, said both meetings were illegal and assured that the law "will take it course".

Afrlabor readers will remember that there was a general strike there earlier this year. The government threat at the end of this story fits in this context. Also, teachers and civil servants unions have had recurrent confrontations with government since the 1970s, leading at times to bannings and to jailings of leaders.



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