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History of Angola

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 History of southern Africa
Peace elusive in Angola
By Jim Genova, in the People's Weekly World,
28 January, 1995. The Lusaka accord of 20 Nov, 1994, seems to promise peace.
Washington still maneuvering to dominate Angola
By G. Dunkel, in Workers World, 9 March, 1995.
An old man's warning
by Chris Simpson. 22 March, 1995. US operative, Holden Roberto, is back in Luanda to counter the Lusaka protocol (Nov 94) between the MPLA government and Savimbi's UNITA.
Background Paper: Angola
By the Africa Policy Information Center (APIC), March 1995.
UNITA under pressure for action as US envoy waves stick
Angola Peace Monitor, 29 January, 1996. US has to reign in its puppet.
South African mercenaries in Angola
African National Congress press statement. 2 February, 1996. ANC regrets South Africa exports war.
Angola: Human rights should be top of United Nations agenda
By Amnesty International. 9 December, 1996. UN Security Council is concluding the Angolan peace process and should take human rights into consideration.

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