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History of Namibia

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History of Namibia

Guerilla Movements' influence on the growth of the new Social Movements in the Periphery: a study of the SWAPO women
Rukee E. Tjingaete in Namnet Digest, 28 February, 1995. A study of the role of women in the liberation war carried out by SWAPO in Namibia. Includes a bibliography.
Fascists step up campaign.
From The Namibian, 3-7 April, 1995. A neo-nazi group seeks to influence the Namibian-German Foundation.
Women remain "less than equal"
By Lucienne Fild, in The Namibian, 5 April, 1995.
Excerpts from the Namibian Worker
From Timothy Dauth. November, 1995, and January, 1996.
Review of Siegfried Groth's Namibia - the Wall of Silence: the Dark Days of the Liberation Struggle
By Timothy Dauth. 23 April, 1996.
Namibian Worker news
Tim Dauth comments on vol. 1, issue 12.
Namibian journalists express concern at intolerance by the government
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA). 13 May, 1997.
Irradiated Namibian Uranium Miners Demand Compensation
By Greg Dropkin, Mail and Guardian, 31 July, 1997. Working conditions in British-owned mine.

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