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History of Zimbabwe

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 History of southern Africa
Affirmative Action Overdue in Zimbabwe
By Tafadzwa Mumba. IPS. 7 March, 1995. Re. position of women.
The Struggle Continues in Zimbabwe
Reuter. 14 January, 1996. Dispute between traditional and colonial religion a manifestation of class conflict and racial oppression.
Ndabaningi Sithole Remanded In Prison
PANA. 17 February, 1996. Leader of the Ndonga faction of Zimbabwe African Union ZANU (NDONGA) accused of plot to assassinate President Robert Mugabe.
Three Tired Septuagenarians Vying For President
PANA. 17 February, 1996.
Over 1.5 Million Zimbabweans Jobless
PANA. 22 February, 1996.
Zimbabwe Labour Party tour
From Zimbabwe Labour Party. 9 October, 1996. Critique of ZANU.
Study finds three out of ten Zim children sexually abused
By Jan Raath, HURINet. 20 March, 1997.

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