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History of Zambia

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 History of southern Africa
Zambia is Marching Backwards with very long Steps
By Mainza Miyoba Sikana, in Newsletter of the ICP. 14 February, 1995. Kenneth Kaunda's challenge to the MMB.
Post trio bail under review
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA). 16 February, 1996. Zambian government's repression of The Post newspaper.
Internet edition of The Post also banned
MISA. 16 February, 1996.
Zambian Workers Threaten to Strike
PANA. 1 March, 1996. Civil service workers charge Chiluba government has reniged on salary agreement.
Civil Servants Strike Enters Third Day
PANA. 5 March, 1996.
Government Threatens To Sack Striking Rail Workers
PANA. 15 April, 1996. Tanzania/Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA).
HRW/Africa Alarmed by Seriously Flawed Election Process, Calls on Zambian Government to Improve its Human Rights Record
By Human Rights Watch/Afrca (NY). 8 December, 1996. Chiluba government was returned to office in 18 November election, but by repressing the opposition.

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