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ANC Response to Allegations made by Themba Khoza

Newsline/Agenda. Tuesday 17 October, 1995

Themba Khoza has once more failed to answer to allegations of his involvement in Third Force activities aimed at undermining the ANC and its allies through a deliberate, well-co-ordinated strategy of destabilisation, during his debate with ANC NEC member Carl Niehaus on Agenda/Newsline on Tuesday 17 October.

In this context, the ANC welcomes the decision of Transvaal Attorney General's office to begin earnest investigations into the allegations against Khoza and Rev. Celani Mthetwa. The ANC believes that the investigations are long overdue and will help unravel the conspiracy of Third Force networks in our country.

Despite being given an ample opportunity to answer to allegations levelled against him by Niehaus, Khoza could only rely on feeble denials, constant interruptions and petulant racist remarks which can only convince Khoza himself and his supporters.

The ANC reiterates its call to IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi to suspend Khoza and Mthetwa from their parliamentary functions pending the outcome of investigations. In this regard, the IFP leadership must publicly distance itself from the views expressed against the judiciary by Khoza.

The ANC is of the view that should allegations against Khoza and Mthetwa prove conclusive, the two should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and their parliamentary membership rescinded. Should the IFP fail to act swiftly against the two, this can only strengthen suspicions that the IFP is an extension of the National Party's dirty tricks campaign.

The ANC remains convinced that the final responsibility for these heinous plans rest on the shoulders of the National Party government which sought to manipulate and influence the outcome of the transition to democracy through dirty tricks against the democratic movement.

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17 October 1995.

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