Newsgroups: soc.culture.african
Date: 05 Apr 95 15:28 BST
Subject: Winnie Mandela's Court Action

ANC Statement on the court action by Mrs. Winnie Mandela

5 April, 1995

The ANC is very concerned that Mrs Winnie Mandela, as a leading member of the ANC, its National Executive Committee and its National Working Committee, has decided on a legal course of action to address her concerns with her own organisation and her President.

We regard the action of Mrs Mandela, though within her right, as very unfortunate indeed. We call upon her, even at this late stage, to utilise the ANC constitutional structures to put her case. We also call upon her to use the ANC's parliamentary caucus, of which she is also a member, to air her concerns.

The ANC will not be drawn into mud-slinging exercises with its leaders, either by the media or any individual.

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