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Organization: Africa Research & Information Alliance
Subject: AFRIA: The Africa Research & Information Alliance

The Africa Research & Information Alliance

From AFRIA, 1 June 1995

Two of South Africa's leading information companies and a major U.S. communications are proud to announce an alliance that brings you a comprehensive research and information service on Africa.

AFRIA (The Africa Research & Information Alliance) is a new consortium in the information field, formed by Stock Press and Legi-Link from South Africa, and The Rendon Group in the U.S.A. AFRIA is the first to offer information services on any Southern African topic, from the economy and the environment, to bills and policy shifts in the new Parliament.

AFRIA is launching this exciting new service with two free copies of The RDP Monitor, an overview of the South African government's social and economic policy, published by Stock Press PLUS a special rate for clients subscribing to The RDP Monitor before the end of June.

Stock Press, founded in 1984, provides the most comprehensive financial, economic, environmental and socio-political information in South Africa. Stock Press monitors some 350 newspapers and magazines, maintaining a cross-referenced and indexed monitoring service on all major South African topics. Stock Press provides both pre-packaged and ad hoc research services to suit the information requirements of its clients.

Legi-Link is South Africa's first independent information service covering Bills and the Parliamentary process. Legi-Link products and services include monitoring of bills and their progress through Parliament, comprehensive reports on Parliamentary debates, transcripts of key policy speeches, full-text copies of bills, updated lists of cabinet changes and contact information for Members of Parliament.

The Rendon Group is a U.S.-based communications consulting company that has worked in over 60 countries. The Rendon Group uses its extensive U.S. and international political experience to provide accurate timely political analysis of developments around the world. Through on-line research services, The Rendon Group has access to over 30,000 research and information databases, including the ability to monitor and relay real-time information to its clients.

AFRIA is an alliance that spans the Atlantic, joining the forces of Stock Press and Legi-Link, the leading research and information services in South Africa, with The Rendon Group, a U.S.-based public relations and communications company. Through the combined research resources of the three companies, AFRIA will be able to provide information and analysis on political, economic, legislative and business developments in Southern Africa.

For more information about AFRIA, or to subscribe to The RDP Monitor, please visit our WWW page at HTTP://OS2.IACCESS.ZA/AFRIA/INDEX.HTM, send an e-mail message to AFRIA@leglink.co.za, or contact AFRIA through The Rendon Group or Legi-Link's offices:

Matthew Gentile
The Rendon Group
2000 S Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
Tel: (202) 745-4900
Fax: (202) 745-0215
Chris J. Newton
Legi-Link Information Services
Box 1440
Cape Town 8000
Tel: (27-21) 461-0229
Fax: (27-21) 45-3971

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