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Subject: SA mine strike; mine disaster
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Miners on strike at South African gold mine

AFP, 26 March 1996

JOHANNESBURG, March 26 (AFP) - Some 2,000 miners went on strike Tuesday at a gold mine near in Free State province to protest the sacking of 259 rock-drill operators after an illegal strike, the mine's management said.

In a statement, management said every effort was being made to encourage the workers to return to their jobs at the Unisel mine near Welkom. Their grievances would be fully investigated, it added.

Rock-drill operators went on strike on March 20 demanding an upgrading of their jobs. This would effectively double their pay, the mine said.

Despite talks and meetings with the rock-drill operators' committee on the mine and with National Union of Mineworkers officials, the strikers refused to resume drilling and were served with dismissal notices.

Production at the mine, which employs 2,550 people, had ground to a halt, the mine said.

Copyright =A9 1996 Agence France Presse

Ten killed in acciddent in South African coal mine

Johannesburg (dpa) - Ten men were killed in a mining accident in South Africa Tuesday and a miner was still missing, officials said.

Initially, one miner was buried by rubble at the coal mine, which is located near Krueger National Park.

A ten-man rescue crew was sent in to find the miner and was buried when the mine shaft collapsed, a spokesman said. The entire rescue crew was killed.

Copyright =A9 1996 Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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