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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 15:16:49 -0200
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Subject: ANC Press Statements

ANC statement on IFP distortion of Tokyo's statement

Issued by the ANC Leadership in KwaZulu/Natal
7 November 1995

The two statements issued by Blessed Gwala and Ed Tillett of the IFP concerning what they decide to call "Premier Tokyo Sexwale's threat of invasion of KwaZulu/Natal" can only come from people who have lost touch with all reality. The statements also reflect the secessionist mind-set of the IFP leaders.

The IFP has all of a sudden forgotten that KwaZulu/Natal is an integral part of South Africa. For Gwala to say, "Mr Sexwale's threat, if implemented, would be in breach of KwaZulu/Natal's territorial integrity and talk about "force of occupation", is to say KZN has already seceded.

The leadership of the IFP must understand that KZN remains part of South Africa and South Africans from other provinces do not need passports and visas to come to the province. In the same way, Chief Buthelezi did not need permission, visa or passport to go and campaign for the IFP in Gauteng. For the IFP to claim that ANC supporters from Gauteng will come and register themselves as people residing in the province, betrays alarming ignorance about voter's rolls. The ANC hopes that Chief Buthelezi when he campaigned for the IFP in Gauteng, did not register himself as a resident of that province.

These statements reflect a deep embarassment on the part of the IFP for having been reduced to a 0,6%. The IFP has been exposed as an ethnic and regional party. The ANC promises to reduce the IFP to one of the fringe parties on the extreme right even in KwaZulu/Natal. The IFP is indeed on its death throes. It must die a natural cause like all bantustan parties.

Issued by the ANC Leadership in KwaZulu/Natal.
Date: 7 November 1995.
Contact: Dumisani Makhaye - 082 551 9192

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