The culture history of
the Republic of South Africa

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The history of the culture in general of the Republic of South Africa

U.S. Cultural Imperialism (Rastas in SA)
By Dr. Steven Robins, 7 February 1996. A brief complaint concerning the relaunch of the SABC and its subjection to Hollywood extravagannza at the expense of local artists.
Xty. & liberation movements
From Derick Fay, 19 February 1996. Bibliographic citations for liberation theology in South Africa.
Women as Leaders Series: Mama Africa and the Pata Pata 2000
By Katherine Stapp, IPS, 2 April 2000. Miriam Makeba is back to South Africa with a new CD that celebrates the end of apartheid and her subsequent return home after three decades in exile.

The history of education and schools in the Republic of South Africa

US imperialism and Education in (South) Africa
By Thami Madinane, 4 April, 1995.
Arts Education Proposals Basis for Cultural Change
By Mziwakhe Hlangani, Mayibuye, July 1995. Takes a look at the imminent establishment of an integrated and holistic arts education system.
Implement school recommendations soon
From Mayibuye, Vol. 6, no. 6, October 1995, a collection of articles on school reform. a) Significant steps in our agenda for social transformation and the attainment of equity in South Africa: The submission of the report of the review committee on organisation, governance and financing of schooling, the passage in parliament of the South African Qualifications Authority Act, and the Education Policy Bill. b) Teachers' three year strategy to improve schooling, c) Secondment and time off for union officials, d) Students committed to change in schools.
On the situation at Wits University
ANC Press Statements, 14 December 1995. Re Swaziland students who are studying in South Africa crossing the border without valid documents.
Swazi Students Will Be Arrested if Found without Study Permits
African Eye News, 8 October 1998.
Shocking Report On Racism In South African Schools
By Gumisai Mutume, IPS, 4 March 1999. A report by South Africa's Human Rights Commission (HRC) on racial integration in public schools shows that white supremacist belief systems still continue to affect inter-racial schooling in South Africa.