The media and telecommunications of
the Republic of South Africa

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SA needs a diversity of media ownership
Mayibuye, Opinion piece, October 1995. In some countries, governments moved quickly after wars of liberation to take control of the mass media. But not ours: we did not set up a Mass Media Trust to run the press and force it to toe the ANC line. Nor did we introduce anti-trust legislation to break up the media monopolies.
From miscommunication to mass communication
By Karen Thorne, in Mayibuye, October 1995. After years of resistance struggle and a subsequent focus in public policy work, community media activists are having to come to grips with the real and far more challenging realities of working within a developmental context in the building of community access television in South Africa.
Ordinary People/South Africa TV
31 August 1995. Ordinary People was the first independently produced documentary series to appear on South African TV. Ordinary People looks at an event in South Africa each week through the eyes of three or four different people.