The contemporary political history of North America as a whole

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Debt Ceiling Scam
By William McNaughton, 3 January 1996. The scam being pulled on Americans and Canadians: We are told that our big problem is the continuing government deficit, producing a steadily rising debt. This only makes sense to those who don't understand how our economy works.
More than livelihoods are at stake in the salmon war: we could lose our sovereignty (except)
Editorial by Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star, Sunday 21 December 1997. Is it possible for Canada to win anything in a face-to-face disagreement with its nearest and most powerful neighbour? Is it even worth trying?
U.S. Military Occupation of Canada in the Works
TML Daily, 23 November 2001. Canada and the US have agreed to launch a joint review of continental defence agreements with the aim of increasing military co-operation between the two countries. The U.S. military is being given a domestsic role in homeland defence and Canada is participating in these precedent-setting changes without bringing their significance to the attention of public opinion, let alone for its consent.
Blackout puts privatizers and deregulators on hotseat
NUPGE News, 19 August 2003. FirstEnergy, the Ohio company at the centre of last week's massive power blackout, has a long record of safety, operational and financial problems. It also has close links to the Bush administration in Washington and a history of spending big on political lobbying while taking shortcuts with the public.