The economic history of North America

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GM idles more plants, Chrysler irks Canada union
By Michael Ellis, Reuters, Thursday 14 December 2000. General Motors Corp. said on Thursday it will idle four North American plants and cut 150 jobs in Canada as the automaker cuts production in the face of weaker sales.
Political pileup on Mexican trucks; Mineta must facilitate
By Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday 19 July 2001. Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta came under fire yesterday as he defended the administration's push to open the U.S. border to Mexican trucks.
Trade is no longer primarily about tariffs and quotas. It's about changing domestic laws: Representative Robert Matsui
By Margot Roosevelt, Time Magazine, 25 March 2002. The MTBE conflict has exploded into an international fistfight, a test case for globalization. That's because METHANEX, the Canadian company that makes a key ingredient of MTBE, is challenging California's ban under the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement. The case has raised doubts about whether a state can protect its drinking water as it sees fit. Do such health regulations amount to a trade barrier?
Mustard Gas and Seismic Blasts
By Pierre Loiselle, The Dominion, 22 December 2003. The coastal waters of Atlantic Canada have been polluted with a legacy of chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry. The primary culprits include the Canadian, American and British militaries.