The economic circumstance of the working-class of North America

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Sweatshops still operating? Labor group says little has changed in the last 18 months to end abuses. Shoppers swarm stores.
Reuters, 28 November 1997. The National Labor Committee Friday said 18 months after it began its campaign against sweatshops and human rights abuses in the retailing trade very little had changed (Wal-Mart, Disney, Guess, J.C. Penny, Victoria's Secret and Nike are the worst offenders.
Suffering Endures for ‘Radium Girls’ who painted watches in the '20s
By Martha Irvine, Associated Press, 4 October 1998. A tragic case of radiation poisoning in Canada and in Connecticut illustrates that health and safety concerns know no borders.
Bosses Try to Legalize ‘Company Unions’
By Daniel J.B. Mitchell and Ho-su Wu, 27 April 1999. NAFTA side accord allows mutual enforcement of labor law among Canada, U.S. and Mexico, and is being challenged by a strict interpretation of Sec. 8a2 of the Wagner/Taft-Hartley Act.
Rights Set Back 100 Years in Duty-Free Zones
By Mario Osava, IPS, 20 May 1999. In Central American and Caribbean maquiladora areas, female labor rights being trampled.