The contemporary political history of Greenland

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Evicted by the US military, the Inuit prepare to fight Star Wars
By Steve Boggan, Independent (London), 7 August 2001. A remote US space command squadron, will likely be one of two bases outside the US—the other is at Fylingdales, North Yorkshire—that will be for ballistic missile defence, aka Son of Star Wars. A tiny community of Inuit people evicted to make way for it are about to find itself at the centre of American foreign policy making.
Greenland radar cleared for U.S. missile defense
By Wade Boese, Arms Control Today, July/August 2004. The Danish parliament has unanimously approved a Bush administration request to upgrade a radar located in Greenland so it can play a future role in a planned U.S. missile defense system. Although the proposal sparked some debate in Denmark and Greenland, 101 Danish lawmakers voted May 27 in favor of the move.