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Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 11:27:04 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Agent Smiley" <smiley_777@hotmail.com>
Subject: UN Mapuche leader, detained in Santiago, Chile
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From: Tracy Katelman <tkatelman@igc.org>
To: Forest Americas List <forest-americas@igc.org>
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: UN Mapuche leader, detained in Santiago, Chile
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 09:43:04 -0400

UN Mapuche leader, detained in Santiago, Chile

Mapuche International Link press release
10 May 1999

Bristol -- Pedro Cayuqueo was arrested yesterday by the international police, on his arrival at Santiago's airport. He was returning from Geneva where he had taken part in the 55th Annual Session of the Commission of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Mr Cayuqueo went to Geneva as the Secretary of the Co-ordination of Arauco-Malleco Communities in Conflict. The context of his detention is the repressive official policy of the Chilean government towards Mapuche people. He suffered the penalty of those who dare to speak the truth. His aim was to make the international community aware of the daily violation of the rights of the Mapuche nation.

In his report to the Commission, Mr Cayuqueo gave a detailed account of violations especially in the provinces of Arauco and Malleco. Here, the Indigenous communities of Cuyinco, Pascual Cona, Rucananco, Pichiloncoyan and Temulemu had been suffering systematic attacks on their basic human rights as defined by the UN.

Violation of the right to personal integrity of body, mind and spirit. There are many arbitrary detentions and cases of harassment. The police detain people illegally, and torture them in police stations.

Violation of the right to legal procedures. People are not treated according to the law or presumed innocent.

Violation of children's rights. Children have been detained, handcuffed, insulted and beaten by the police.

Violation of the right to liberty of conscience and religious belief. The Machi who is the supreme religious authority among Mapuche people has been detained, insulted and beaten.

Violation of legal principles. At the time of arrest or searching of homes no appropriate legal documentation is produced.

Violation of the right to private property. People are stopped from using and enjoying the fruits of their own land.

Violation of the right to privacy and dignity. The police regularly photograph people and film their community activities without their consent.

Violation of the right to move freely in their own land. Armed police prevent Mapuche people from freely using public roads and rights of way through land in dispute.

Violation of the right to reply or correct public statements. The media publishes incorrect or damaging information about Mapuche leaders, insinuating their connection with subversive left-wing groups.

On 6 May 99 13 Mapuche leaders were detained. Among these were several Lonkos (chiefs) and Jose Lincoqueo, a lawyer. The government thereby prevents Mapuche people from exercising their right to defend themselves legally.

Pedro Cayuqueo's report includes details of what the forestry companies have done in usurping Mapuche land, the serious damage to the environment - altering the eco-system, polluting the soil, rivers, sea and air. He refers to Arauco S.A., Mininco S.A., Volterra Ltd., Shell, Mitsubishi and Amindus amongst others. They use chemicals such as sulphate of soda, chlorine, caustic soda, chlorate and gasoline, which contaminate the beaches around Concepcion and its bay area, the Bio-Bio River, and the Gulf of Arauco. They have destroyed native forests, caused the extinction of some species of tree and medicinal plants, poisoned people and caused congenital illnesses with their use of pesticides. They have chosen to replant forested areas with unsuitable species such as eucalyptus, which lowers the water table and leaves communities without water.

It is becoming commonplace for traditional leaders to be arrested, such as the Lonkos and the Machi,who give spiritual leadership. The government refuses to use legal and political means to negotiate a settlement. They fail to respect traditional leaders as representatives of Mapuche people. The government arbitrarily and insultingly selects people to speak for the Mapuches. Chilean procedures have been discredited, and security services are no longer seen as impartial, since they have demonstrated a high degree of racism towards Mapuche people.

This degrading and inhuman treatment can no longer be tolerated. The Mapuche people have been impoverished by the seizure of their land, condoned by the government. The government responds to legitimate demands by intensifying the repression against them.

The government and state of Chile offer Mapuches no security over their land, development, culture and environment. Worse still it denies the right to live in peace with dignity in ancestral lands.

In view of all this, Mapuche International Link see the only way forward as being the re-constitution of Wallmapu and the creation of a provisional government. If the conflict imposed on Mapuche people continues to escalate, it will be necessary to appeal to the UN to demilitarise the Mapuche Nation's territory and form a protectorate controlled by the UN. The objective will be to prevent the conflict developing further, which could lead to unforseen and irreversible consequences. 6 Lodge Street, Bristol BS1 5 LR, England. Tel/Fax: 44-117-9279391 E-mail: MAPULINK@aol.com http://members.aol.com/mapulink

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