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Subject: (en) Public Communique by the Mapuche coordination (Chile)
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Public Communique by the Mapuche coordination (Chile)

From Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco
25 January 2000

[background: The Mapuches are the indigenous people living today under Chilean and Argentinian rule. They have been struggling for their rights for several hundred years. Today they represents about 1+1/2 Million people. More recently the Mapuches have been defending their land from hydroelectric dam megaprojects and forest clearcuts supported by the Chilean government and Foreign Multinationals. Contacts see below]

From Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco - Malleco <coordina@LatinMail.com>
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2000 10:31:13 -0500

The Mapuche Arauco-Malleco coordination and the Ayllarehue Wenteche de Xuf-Xuf communicate the following to the national and international community:

Our communities and leaders chose the 24th and 25th of January to meet in the City of Temuco (Chile) and discuss about different problems affecting our peoples and our grassroots organisations. The aims of this meeting are:

1. to analyse the current process of land recuperation that our communities are currently developing and especialy the continuation of this process in the new political landscape after the recent presidential elections.

2. to coordinate future actions against the police repression inside the Wallmapuche area and especially against our communities and leaders.

3. to analyse the process of strong mobilisations that have recently been developed by our indigenas brothers and sisters from Ecuador. From this corner of the mapuche land we would like to send support and strength to all the people fighting for their rights and for their lands.

4. through political debate, to have a critical look at the different proposals made by different parts of the mapuche movement for solutions to the mapuche conflict.

Se despiden fraternalmente,

Antonio Fren - Lonko de comunidad Cuyinko (Los Alamos)
María Llanquileo - Werken de comunidad Rucañanco (Contulmo)
Bautista Ancalao - Lonko de comunidad Trañicura (Tirua)
Avelino Meñaco - Werken de comunidad Pascual Coña (Cañete)
Gladys Huenuman - Werken de comunidad Benancio Ñehuey (Cañete)
Pascual Pichún - Lonko de comunidad Temulemu (Traiguén)
Aniceto Norin - Lonko de comunidad Didaico (Traiguén)
José Tori - Lonko de comunidad Colihuinca Tori (Collipulli)
Ariel Tori - Werken de comunidad Antonio Paillacoy (Collipulli)
Luis Ancalaf - Lonko de comunidad Choin Lafkenche (Collipulli)
Gustavo Paillamanque - Werken de comunidad Maicolpi (Osorno)
Javier Quidel - Werken Ayllarehue Wenteche de Xuf-Xuf (Temuco)

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