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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:53:49 -0500 (CDT)
From: Oscar Huenchunao <oscar.h@pplmail.com>
Subject: Chile: On the current situation of the Mapuche Nation - Aug 1999
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Mapuche's national march for recognition

A-Infos News Service, August 1999

The national march for the recognition of the Mapuche nation and its rights, advances towards Santiago, more than one hundred Mapuches have walked 200 km in seven days.

During the seven days of walking, more than one hundred Mapuches have covered about 200 km from Temuco, Wallmapuche (Mapuche territory) walking towards Santiago with the aim of claiming the rights and fundamental liberties of the Mapuche people.

We should remember that this march, co-ordinated by the Consejo de Todas las Tierras, is self-financed and we must express the urgent necessity to obtain sufficient funds to guarantee the ultimate success of the march. It is vital to maintain adequate food provision, sturdy footwear, medicines, and enough fuel for the vehicles which carry the provisions and which attend emergencies. Until now donations have been sufficient to cover a few days worth of food alone.

This situation threatens the physical condition of the participants who seriously intend to reach Santiago, involving some 500-km of walking. Therefore we make a call for solidarity and support from those who are able to contribute something to improve the conditions of the marchers and their fight for the political rights of the Mapuche People.