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Subject: 1,000 Indigenous Guatemalans Attack Police Station
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Mob Attacks Guatemala Police Station

AP, Tuesday 16 October 2001; 9:54 PM ET

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) - A group of 1,000 Indians attacked a police station in a rural area in northern Guatemala Tuesday burning five police cars and leaving the outpost in ruins. Five people were arrested, police said.

There were no injuries in the rioting at Concepcion Huista, 220 miles north of Guatemala City.

Police spokesman Ricardo Gatica said the people who attacked the police outpost were angered when authorities made no arrest in the shooting death Monday of a local man.

Hundreds of people began congregating around the region's only police station shortly after midnight Tuesday. After several hours of demonstrations, at least 1,000 protesters stormed the outpost, forcing the small contingent of police to run for their lives, Gatica said.

Five of the rioters were taken into custody when dozens of police returned to quell the demonstration.

Local police director Elmer Aguilar said the mob caused more than $125,000 damage. He said all police officers and other state forces were leaving the region indefinitely.

Local radio reports said many involved in the uprising believed police officers were responsible for the slaying because the bullet that killed Juan Carlos Castillo was the same caliber as those used by officers.

Gatica said police had nothing to do with Castillo's death.