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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 09:52:32 -0700
From: National Commission for Democracy in Mexico <moonlight>
Subj: Peace TAlk Agreement Text

Joint Statement from San Miguel

14 April 1995

In San Miguel, in the municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas; today on April 9th delegations from the Federal Government and the EZLN met.

CONAI offered its services as mediator, with the support and witness of COMPOCA.

As in accordance with the agreements developed during the letter exchanges, the agenda of the dialogue consisted of a discussion and agreement regarding the Basic Principles for Dialogue and Negotiation, as well as the place, date and agenda of the next meeting.

The agreements which the parties arrived at are the following:

1) Rather than calling them

2) From the Principles of this Protocol of Bases, the following was agreed:

The parties committed to participate in the Dialogue and Negotiation of the Agreement for Harmony and Pacification with Justice and Dignity, adjusting their conduct and actions to the following basic principles:

  1. Good faith in all treatment, exchange, contact, action, understanding, agreement or commitment between the Parties, and in all action of each one of them that could affect the Dialogue and the Negotiation of the Agreement of Harmony and Pacification with Justice and Dignity.
  2. Mutual Respect in the actions and interactions of the (according to the person posting the Spanish version, THIS PART IS UNREADABLE IN THE SPANISH FAX)
  3. Clarification of the differences that, as a consequence, of actions or omissions of either Party results in contradictions to the Dialogue and Negotiation, by means of previous consultations with the reaction of the affected Party;
  4. Overcoming incidents that could interrupt or create obstacles to the Dialogue and the Negotiation, resorting to CONAI. For its part the Commission of Harmony and Pacification will carry out the functions which have been designated to it by law.
  5. 6Willingness as manifested by giving, generating and reconciling proposals of commitments to an Agreement of Harmony and Pacification with Justice and Dignity as well as the mechanisms for following up and verifying the capacities to guarantee their implementation and fulfillment.
  6. Clear will to take on the necessary commitments to restore peace with justice and dignity, and to promote development and democracy in an environment of liberty to which the indigenous and all Mexicans have the right.
  7. Appropriate reciprocity in the actions of the Parties participating in the Dialogue and Negotiation.
  8. Objectivity in the Public Information that the Parties transmit, and that it be fair and balanced and be clearly distinguished from the materials of propaganda.

3) The permanent site of the Dialogue and Negotiation will be San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas. The next meeting will be April 20, 1995, with the following agenda:

4) With this meeting and the agreements developed during it, the conditions for Article 4 of the Law for the Dialogue, Reconciliation and Dignified Peace in Chiapas have been met, in which it was stated:

For the Federal Government:

Ambassador Gustavo Iruegas
Attorney Jorge del Valle
Attorney Francisco Javier Zenteno

For the EZLN:

Comandante Tacho
Comandante Davidbr /> Comandante Ramonbr /> Comandante Zebedeobr /> Comandante Rubenbr /> Comandante Fernandobr /> Comandante Rafael


Samuel Ruiz G. (and other signatures whose names are illegible according to the person posting the Spanish version) Translated by Cindy Arnold, volunteer