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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 09:12:31 -0400
From: Elder Sylvia Inaruki Collazo <Public-Relations@TAINO-TRIBE.ORG>
Subject: United States Regional Tribal Affairs Office Puerto Rico

United States Regional Tribal Affairs Office Puerto Rico

Press release, 18 July 2000

Tau Tribal Members and Other Interested Parties,

The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu has established its United States Regional Taino Tribal Affiars Office at Don Collins Cigars, 153 Calle Tetuan, Old san Juan, Puerto Rico 00901, Telephone (787) 977-2983. The Taino Tribal Council is calling for citizens of Puerto Rico or mainland US who believe they have Taino blood Lines to register their names and addresses in the Official Taino Indian Registry Book at Don Colins Cigars in Old San Juan, PR. Don Collins Cigars are lending the Taino Tribal Council office the space and other administrative services free of charge. Conact E-mail: sales@don-collins.com for more information.

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Sincerely, Rev. Sylvia Inaruki Collazo, Director: Public Relations
Office of Taino Tribal Affairs (Tribal Representative)
The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation Council Government