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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 98 16:52:06 CDT
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Fake AIM group

From Florida AIM, 23 June 1998

Recently a group of individuals have falsely begun claiming to be the American Indian Movement in Florida. These individuals are frustrated by Florida AIM's efforts to expose faux medicine people and faux tribal groups-including the Lower Muscogee Creek Tribe whose application for federal acknowledgement was denied because 74% of its membership could not show lineal descendancy from any tribe/Nation.

Further investigation shows that the individuals involved in the charade of claiming to represent the thirty year movement of Indigenous peoples, include but are not limited to:

Kim C. Clark K.C. believed to reside in Polk County, FL Claims to be President.

Jack Exum aka Screaming Eagle believed to reside in Hillsborough County, FL Also claims on documents to be President

David Exum aka Chobee believed to reside in Pasco County, FL

Charles Welch of Tampa, FL listed on documents as State Director. Individual claiming to be Mr. Welch called State Office and denied role. Unable to verify that was in fact Mr. Welch

Vickie Welch of Tampa, FL

James Boettner aka Sawgrass believed to reside in Volusia County

Joseph Molano aka Sam Lonewolf, aka Charles Thunderhawk of Tampa, FL

Lonewolf Driver of Hillsborough County, FL

Alan Miller of southwest Florida

David Brant of Orlando

The American Indian Movement is a principled disciplined Indigenous civil, human, treaty and sovereignty rights movement. AIM has throughout its thirty year history been afflicted with indiiduals addicted to their own ego's, delusions, or acting on behalf of the United States government and claiming to represent the American Indian Movement.

In 1989 Sheridan Murphy and the late David Goyette founded Florida AIM. Florida AIM was recognized at the 1989 Eastern Regional AIM Conference at Accokeek, MD. Currently Florida AIM Information DIrector Mark Madrid sits on the Eastern Regional AIM Council. Florida AIM Incorporated in 1993 (N93000003677). Florida AIM maintains offices in Miami, Green Cove Springs, and the State Office in Saint Petersburg, FL with an outreach office in Tallahassee. Any cursory review of Lexis/Nexis should reveal many of the over 517 news articles on dozens of issues Florida AIM has worked on since 1989. Florida AIM is the only recognized and legitimate AIM organization in the state of Florida and has been such since its inception in 1989.

The aforementioned individuals are NOT associated in any way, shape or form with the international Indigenous, civil, human and treaty rights movement known as AIM. An ongoing investigation by Florida AIM Security and Legal Counsels reveals these individuals have no association in any way shape or form with either National or Autonomous organizations of AIM.

Florida AIM believes that these individuals effort to claim to represent AIM is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to deflect AIM's effort to expose them and other individuals falsley claiming to be Indian spiritual and governmental leaders. Florida AIM finds these efforts to be an insult to the memory of all those brothers and sisters in AIM who have given their lives for the struggle such as Pedro Bissonette, Frank Clearwater, Buddy LaMonte, Joe Stunts... An attempt to degrade the memory of those whose entire lives were devoted to the struggle and have now passed on such as Bill Wapepah, Richard LaGarde, David Goyette, .... An attempt to insult the lifes work of those who have struggled decades for Indigenous people such as Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Vernon Bellecourt, Bill Means, Ted Means, Russell Means, Madonna Gilbert-Thunderhawk, Carol Standing Elk, Fern Mathias.......To those who have been jailed for standing on the principles of AIM such as Leonard Peltier, Richard Marshall..... And so many others who have died, sacraficed and bled for the principles of AIM.

We can not and will not tolerate these non-Indian individuals cloaking their delusional antics in the mante of these courageous and honorable people under whose direction and counsel we continue the struggle.

We plan to file multiple litigations against these individuals collectively and individually. Anyone with any information on these individuals is encouraged to contact

American Indian Movement of Florida
David Goyette Memorial State Office
136 4th Street N Suite 308
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
(813) 821-3163
FAX (813) 821-2180
EMAIL AIMFL @ aol.com