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Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 04:47:36 -0800
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Voice of the White buffalo Spirit

Anonymous poem, 1 November 1995

I was here before the rains and the violent sea.
I was here before the snows and the hail.
I was here before the mountains and the winds.
I am the spirit of Nature.
I am in the light that fills the earth,
and in the darkness od nighttime.
I give color to nature,
for I am in nature's growth and fruits.

I am again in nature
where themes of mystic wisdom are found.
I am in your chants and laughters.
I am in the tears that flow from sorrow.
I am in the bright joyous eyes of the children.
I am in the substance that gives unity,
completeness, and oneness.
I am in the mountains as a conscious symbol to all mankind
when the earth's face is being scared
with spiritual undone.

I am in you when you walk the simple path of the Redman.
I am in you when you show love of humankind,
for I also give love to those who are loving.
I am in the response of love among all humans,
for this is a path
that will find blessing and fulfillment of the Great Spirit.

I must leave you now
to appear in another age,
bit I leave you with the Redman's path.