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Annual Indian Rally Sparks Violence

AP, 27 November 1997

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) An annual American Indian gathering in this town where Thanksgiving began turned violent Thursday when police confronted a group of Indians trying to march through the center of town.

About 20 protesters from the United American Indians of New England were arrested by police and charged with disorderly conduct.

Police refused to release any information about the event and declined to comment on the arrests.

Witnesses said the disturbance began when Indian protesters and hundreds of supporters tried to march through the historic center of Plymouth.

Chris Groden, an American Indian, said police sprayed mace directly into several people's eyes.

Earlier in the day a group re-enacting the first Thanksgiving marched down the same road dressed in traditional Pilgrim costumes in an annual event called the Pilgrim Progress walk.

Groden said he objected to that walk because the people portraying Pilgrims show up with a bible in one hand and a musket in the other. And guess who the musket was aimed at?

Members of the Plymouth Historical Alliance said earlier this week that they have tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a compromise with the Indians.

No Historical Alliance members could be reached after the disturbance.