The economic history of
Native Americans in the U.S. as a whole

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The Dilemma of Indian forestry
By Winona LaDuke, Earth Island Journal, Summer 1994. Leroy Jackson's legal challenge to compel the Dine` tribe to comply with national environmental-forestry standards. His Dine` CARE's integrated forestry management plan based on sustaining and culturally sensitive harvesting practices, and reforestation. The struggle Jackson left behind could reform the entire US government policy regulating logging on Indian Land.
National Indian Gaming Association Raps 60 Minutes Report of Mashantucket Pequots
By Rick Hill, Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, from the Pequot Times, October 1994. The story aired on 60 Minutes was particularly negative in regard to Indian gaming. The National Indian Gaming Association here objects to the program.
Fractionization of allotments
By Alan Mandell, 6 March 1995. Over the past few months officials from the BIA/ Realty offices have been holding public meetings regarding individual allotment lands. Proposed draft legislation regarding fractionated ownership of allotted lands. The growing problem is the fractionated ownership of allotted Indian lands.
Day 48 - Sunbow 5 Journal
9 August 1995. The Sunbow [rainbow] marked the city and the day with an unmistakable sky sign. The UN recognizes today the International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples. We can hear the geese as they come by on their ancient flyway. They are still here. They are struggling against the pollution, but they are still here. Our ancestors' spirits are also still here. And the indigenous peoples are still here.
Sunbow 5 Journal
By Grandfather William Commanda, Traditional Elder, Algonquin Nation, 6 October 1995. Day 101 of the Sunbow 5 Journal. Because the messages of the Traditional Elders at the 1993 gathering did not reach the public, we have begun Sunbow 5 Walk for the Earth. We have gone so far nearly 1,800 miles. The walk from Cape Cod to Santa Barbara along the pathway of the Sun. We face a choice of two roads, or we face purification that may bring tremendous suffering.
Indian Gaming and Indian Poverty
From Native Americas Magazine, (Cornell University), 18 February 1997. Survey finds that gaming has [directly] benefitted only a small number of Native Americans in the US, who on average continue to slide into greater poverty.
Indians See Little from $8 Billion in Gambling Revenue
Associated Press, 31 August 2000. Despite an explosion of Indian gambling revenues—from $100 million in 1988 to $8.26 billion a decade later—an Associated Press computer analysis of federal unemployment, poverty and public assistance records indicates the majority of American Indians have benefited little.