The culture history of
Native Americans in the U.S. as a whole

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A Natural Way of Life
By Bobby C. Billie, Spiritual Leader, 30 August 1994. I believe in the natural way of life and never signed the peace treaty, never gave up my rights of my way of life. But people of the United States are trying to take my rights away and they are trying to all those things I mentioned before to take their rights away and destroy them. And they are trying to take all my ancestors who have been put away the natural way.
Heritage Preservation
By Larry Kibby, in Kanoheda Aniyvwiya, January 1995. Re. US government role in Native American cultural heritage.
Are there Native public intellectuals?
By Gary Armstrong, 19 March 1995. A commonality of Afro-American and Aboriginal experience. Writer looked at the writers and thinkers of Native background and found Public Intellectuals of Aboriginal origins on the Internet (ie. Native Net), Native newspapers, and Native magazines. The public intellectual shows critical intelligence and a moral vision. The contemporary public intellectual is from new generation of thinkers.
Linguistic expert says ancient Indian languages are dying
By Don Cox, Reno Gazette-Journal, 2 Janary 2002. William H. Jacobsen Jr. is the foremost expert on the ancient and complex language of the Washoe tribe that has occupied the Carson Valley region for thousands of years. For centuries, Washoe had been a spoken language, and Jacobsen learned to speak it fluently, and he wrote it down. He expects the Washoe language to be overwhelmed by English, the dominant language that surrounds it, in much the same way that other tribal languages have been lost.