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Native American history in Chile

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   Native American history in South America (Andean) in general

The general history of indigenous peoples in Chile

   See also the history of the Mapuche Nation of Chile-Argentina
Indigenous People Face Destruction of Land and Resettlement in Chile
South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC). 24 June 1997. Dam planned on BoBo River threatens the lands of Pehuenche people.
Indigenous Chileans Fight Dam Project
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 2 August 1998. Chile's National Indigenous Development Council (CONADI) said that the National Electricity Company (ENDESA) must stop work on its $250 million Ralco dam on the Biobio river or face legal action by indigenous groups. The dam project will flood native Pehuenche lands, displacing 90 Pehuenche families from their homes. ENDESA has sought to induce the families to exchange their property for other land acquired by the company.

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