The economic history
of the Mapuche

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Alto Bio-Bio
A-Infos News Service, Bulletin, June 1999. Mapuche organisations in the Upper B io-Bio have decided to bring to an immediate halt the construction work on the illegal electric dam project at Ralko. This dam construction violates the Environmental Act, the National Monuments Act, and the Indigenous Act which in its article 13 states that indigenous lands may not be sold, seized or expropriated. The land on which this dam is being constructed is indigenous land, Mapuche Pehuenche land.
Chile's battleground of culture vs. profit: Logging industry grows a forest of controversy on tracts claimed by indigenous people
By Tim Vandenack, The Christian Science Monitor, 1 June 2001. A frequently violent struggle, pitting the Mapuche, who fear that their agriculture-based, subsistence culture can't survive without more terrain, against the loggers, who say they paid for their real estate fair and square and are a vital part of Chile's economy.