Resources for the history of
the Native Caribbean

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The original names of Caribbean/West Indian regions
Compiled by Cacike Petro Guanikeyu Torres, 27 May 1996, A table of the Taino Indian, early Spanish and modern names of the Carribean Islands.
Books in the Resource Center of the National Museum of The American Indian on Native Peoples of the West Indies
Prepared by the National Museum of the American Indian, in cooperation with the Public Inquiry Mail Service, Smithsonian Institution. 6/98, revised 10/98. A brief checklist of books.
KACIKE: Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology
Announcment, 25 January 2000. The publication aims to correct the impression that Caribbean Amerindians were irrelevant to the making of the modern societies and that the Indians have been absent in postcolonial Caribbean history. It also aims to show that there are useful historical documents that inform us of Caribbean Amerindian societies before 1492 and after.