The retrospective history
of the Taino in general

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Chief's Bones Gone Volcano Very Mad
By Peter B. Gallagher, in Seminole Tribune, 11 October 1996. Archaeological evidence of initial settlement of Caribbean from Amazonia.
A Note on Tainos: Whither Progress?
By José Barreiro, from Northeast Indian Quarterly, pp. 66-77, Fall, 1990. Taino culture was dominant throughout the Caribbean, the cradle of Taino civilization. In agriculture, seafaring and cosmology, Ciboney and Guanahatabey (western Cuba), Macorix and/or Ciguayo (Bohio) and even Carib (Lesser Antilles) all followed the material and much of the psycho-spiritual framework of the Taino.
The Story of Cacique Hatuey, Cuba's First National Hero
By Tony Castanha, 11 October 1999. In the 16th century Hatuey was a powerful Taino Cacique (chieftain), who has since been considered by many as Cuba's first national hero, although he was originally from the island of Quisqueya (Domincian Republic).